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Welcome to Birobidzhan!

Birobidzhan is the administrative, economic and cultural center of the Jewish Autonomous Region, Russia.

The town is located in the southern part of the Russian Far East. The distance between Moscow and Birobidzhan is 6016 km and between Khabarovsk and Birobidzhan is 180 km.

Being situated on the Trans-Siberian Railway and close to the Federal Highway Chita-Vladivostok, Birobidzhan is an important nodal point.

As an industrial center Birobidzhan was formed in the early 1930s. Nowadays the regional center makes nearly three quarters of all the goods produced in the Jewish Autonomous Region. The chief economic activities are furniture manufacturing, light and food industries, construction and trade.

Birobidzhan is one of the beautiful and green cities of the Russian Far East. Crystal clean waters of the mountain river Bira divide it into two parts interconnected by two road bridges.

Citizens of Birobidzhan are culturally unique because their culture was born due to mixing Russian and Jewish traditions.

The city has its special spirit. It can be seen through the original architecture and monuments decorating streets and squares.



There are a lot of souvenir shops, a few comfortable hotels in Birobidzhan. Various dishes of Russian, Jewish, European and Asian cuisines are served in local restaurants, cafes and bistros.


It is visited by hundreds of tourists from China, Japan, the USA, Israel, France, Germany and South Korea every year.

Birobidzhan has five twin-towns such as Ma'alot-Tarshiha (Israel), Niigata (Japan), Beaverton (the USA), Hegang (the PRC), Yichun (the PRC) and Uijeongbu (South Korea).

The cooperation with other foreign cities such as Jiamusi, Harbin (the PRC) and Nazareth Illit (Israel) has also been established. Birobidzhan has close relations with some cities of Germany, France and Switzerland. The scope of the international collaboration of Birobidzhan with other countries is really broad.


The city district offers a variety of tourist and recreational resources; it allows developing almost all types of tourism.  

The ski resort FOMA is open all year round. Trips to the Lotus Lake, the nature reserve Bastak, wildlife sanctuaries, ecological trails, and also river rafting are offered by numerous tourist companies.


Tour itineraries were specially worked out in order to show national characteristics, Jewish flavor, history and culture of the Jewish Autonomous Region. There were designed such tour itineraries as Historic Birobidzhan, Literary Birobidzhan and Jewish Shtetl (small town).


All conditions for spiritual and cultural development exist in the city. Unique exhibitions are presented in the Regional Museum, the Art Museum, the Judaic Museum, the Pension History Museum and others.


 A few newspapers are published. Birobidzhanskaya Zvezda (Birobidzhan Star), for example, is published in Russian and Yiddish languages.


 The Cathedral of the Annunciation, the Jewish Community and the Synagogue are situated in the same street.


 Different cultural events traditionally take place in Birobidzhan. There are a lot of festivals, i.e. festivals of Jewish and Slavic Cultures, Jewish Cuisine, Holi Colors, the Amur Tiger, etc.


We invite everyone to visit a cozy city, Birobidzhan!